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Quest for the Golden Gamerscore: The Race to 60k

After 7 glorious years of Xbox LIVE I have accumulated a Gamerscore of 29,988.

For the sake of this post let's round that up to 30,000.

This full calendar year I will try to double that score and bring it up to a cool 60k.

That works out to be 2500/month or about 82/day. So that works out to be about 3 games a month.

I will update the blog periodically to track my progress on what I'm playing and how much I scored from each game.

Current Gamerscore: 43,958
(to go 16,042)

GAME             GAMERSCORE RECEIVED                             ACHIEVEMENTS


Hitman: Absolution                290      (1000/1000)                                     
Halo 4                                    50
NBA Live '07                       650
Pirates of the Caribbean:
       At World's End            1000      (1000/1000)
LEGO Batman                    1000      (1000/1000)
LEGO Lord of the Rings       565

January review.
  • I found out that sports games are a lot harder if you don't know the rules to the actual sport.
  • The LEGO series games are fantastic. They are great at bringing the selected universe to life and manage to throw in a good amount of humor. If you love LEGO or any of the franchises that they have adapted you should give them a try.
Completed games, (January) = 3
Points earned, (January) = 3555 (+1055)


LEGO Lord of the Rings       435      (1000/1000)
Battlefield 3                          150
Ghost Recon A.W. 2            270

February review.
  • I dove back into Battlefield 3 this month, after a 3 month break, hence such the low scores. I did manage to grab a few achievements from BF3 from the new expansion
Completed games, (February) = 1
Points earned, (February) = 855 (-590)


Ghost Recon A.W. 2            230
Gears of War: Judgement      310
Bully: Scholarship Edition      380

March review.
  • I picked up GoW:J so that net me a handful of points for this month, and I will continue to play that for a while. If there is any universe I am totally engrossed in it is that of Gears.
  • I have fallen a bit behind these last few months (I am 590 points behind schedule). I have been preoccupied with real life stuff. Hopefully now I will be able to get back into a groove. Might have to go pick up some more LEGO games to buff up the score a bit.
  • Went back and played Bully, an old Rockstar game. It's pretty much GTA set in a private school. Good "clean" fun.
Completed games, (March) = 0
Points earned, (March) = 920 (-2170)


Bully: Scholarship Edition      620      (1000/1000)
Gears of War: Judgement        30
Battlefield 3                            70

April review.
  • Finished off Bully and went back into Battlefield to play the new expansion. I got stuck there for a while until a friend came over and we played some Gears multiplayer. I had blasted through the Gears campaign and never really gave the MP a chance. Now I am in the process of playing through the campaign on insane difficulty and finding the collectibles before focusing on the MP achievements.
Completed games, (April) = 1
Points earned, (April) = 720 (-3950)


Jumper: Griffon's Story         750
Prince of Persia
         The Forgotten Sands   920
Gears of War: Judgement       10
X-Men Origins: Wolverine   550

May review.
  • I picked up Jumper, based off Jumper the movie, from Future Shop for a mere $5, it was on clearance, and after playing for an hour or so I see why. Shoddy controls, obscure camera angles, lackluster environments, repetitive game play. Why play it then? Well in the hour+ I played I managed to net 400 GS. A few weeks ago we had a discussion at work about super powers, when the idea of having the power to teleport came up the next question was do you teleport like Nightcrawler or like Jumper?
  • Blew through PoP, fairly easy, only missed 3 achievements, I couldn't be bothered to replay the whole game for 80 points.
  • Picked up another 10 from Gears when I had a friend over playing.
  • Working on Wolverine currently, it is actually a pretty decent game, considering cross overs don't do to well, I think the game is better than the movie actually.
Completed games, (May) = 0
Points earned, (May) =  2230 (-4220)


X-Men Origins: Wolverine   450      (1000/1000)
Bastion                                200        (200/200)
King Kong                        1000      (1000/1000)
TMNT                              1000      (1000/1000)
State of Decay                    390
Deadpool                            150

June Review
  • This happened to be a fairly productive month, managing to get through almost 4 complete games. 
  • I finished mopping up the remaining achievements from Wolverine. It is basically a playable version of the movie, and it's actually a pretty good movie adaptation.
  • Bastion is a great arcade title. Story and music were fantastic. If you haven't checked out this critically acclaimed little indie game you need to!
  • TMNT was fun, not much more than that. It too was basically like playing the movie.
  • State of Decay just needs one more, which will require starting a new game. It is a wicked single player zombie game, totally worth checking out. Upgrading bases, scavenging for supplies, multiple zombie types. A really fun XBLA game. They are also in the process of turning it into a multiplayer/MMO game.
  • Deadpool is in the process, super fun and hilarious game, also worth checking out. If you love Deadpool this then you need to play this. Cameos from other Marvel characters, some crazy game mechanics that really make sense, all in all a great game for a simple beat-em-up style game.
Completed games, (June) = 4
Points earned, (June) =  3190 (-3530)


Deadpool                             670
Walking Dead: 400 Days      100        (600/600)
Batman: Arkham Asylum      185
XCOM: Enemy Unknown    200

July Review
  • I finished off Deadpool and tried to do some clean up but it didn't go so well. 
  • I had started Batman on hard and started having trouble...that seems to be the end of that game.
  • I finally picked up XCOM and was well worth it.
Completed games, (July) = 1
Points earned, (July) =  1155


XCOM: Enemy Unknown    245
GTA IV Expansions               10
Dead Rising 2                       120

August Review
  • I finished the XCOM campaign but couldn't be bothered to do the clean up and replays for full points 
  • I had picked up the GTA IV expansions in hopes of finishing them before GTA V such luck.
  • Dead Rising 2 was free for Gold members so I picked that up. I had played the first one and the pre DLC for 2 so I figured why not. Who doesn't love some good zombie killing. 
Completed games, (August) = 0
Points earned, (August) =  375


Dead Rising 2                       220
GTA V                                 445

September Review
  • Tried to do as much as I could in Dead Rising before GTA V dropped mid month
  • I managed to finish the campaign in roughly 40 hours, as well as almost finish off all the single player achievements just in Sept. I think I had 2 or 3 single player achievements in Oct.
Completed games, (September) = 0
Points earned, (September) =  665


GTA V                                 305

October Review
Completed games, (October) = 0
Points earned, (October) =  305

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